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Atelier Populaire is made up of a group of young and dynamic soap makers with the shared desire to bring passionate craftsmanship back to the heart of Paris.

In May 1968, Parisian students threw pavements at the police. In May 2018, half a century later, Atelier Populaire is making organic soap cubes in the shape of the famous Parisian pavements. The Atelier Populaire team rebels against mediocre soaps, shower gels and provides consumers with tools to make a revolution in the bathroom. A team full of energy, with a R&D lab inside Paris, is on the way to develop a full range of organic self-care products.

Atelier Populaire started with fully certified organic cold process soaps. They follow the demanding cold process saponification in order to produce the best quality soaps, rich and gentle to the skin. Young and modern makers, their soaps look avant-guarde and are subtle, fresh and natural.

All of Atelier Populaire's soaps are certified Cosmébio, Slow Cosmetic and COSMOS ORGANIC by Ecocert.